William Bradford

December 25th, 1621: Governor William Bradford of Plymouth Colony forbids game playing on Christmas.

William Bradford was a separatist, on the left wing of the Puritan movement and one of the organizers of the Mayflower voyage in 1620 of 100 pilgrims to the New World. On board the Mayflower he was one of the forces behind the Mayflower Compact that became the basis for the government of the Plymouth colony.

In 1621 he was elected Governor of Plymouth serving almost all expect 5 years until 1656. Bradford is also the author of “Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620–47” a history of the pilgrims including the Mayflower voyage, hardships and their early years in the New World.

Born: March 19, 1589
Birthplace: Austerfield, Yorkshire, England

Died: May 9, 1657 (aged 68)

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